How to Teach Online Courses

by Dashamir Hoxha (fs.al), Mitja Podreka (University of Ljubljana)




This is a basic training about teaching online courses. It will help participants to get familiar with online teaching, and will show them how to build a course themselves. This is going to be a synchronous course, where participants meet online at a certain time, not an asynchronous self-study course.

During the meeting the trainers will demonstrate first how to do something, and then the participants will try it on their own (if they wish). So, it helps if the participants have in mind a course that they want to teach, even if it is just an example, so that they can follow along with the instructions. Basically you need a course title, a course description, and maybe a few auxiliary materials or resources.

The tools that will be used for the online course are:

  • Moodle, for the coordination of the course, participant registration, announcements, calendar, sharing resources, quizzes, etc. Moodle has countless features and options, but we only need to use just a few of them for an effective course.
  • BigBlueButton, for online class meetings, screen-sharing, recording, etc.
  • Virtual Computer Lab, for hands-on practice, screen-sharing, interaction between students and teachers, etc.

The training will run for about 3-4 weeks, with online meetings of about 60-90 min each week.

Organized by

Debian Academy

  • Adjamilton Junior
  • Dashamir Hoxha
  • Esteban Lima
  • Frank Hofmann
  • glenn green
  • Laurent Lacôte
  • Leandro Ramos
  • Paul Reinking
  • Selçuk Soner Akgül
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